Is there homework?

Yes. It is easy to reference in its own Concept Exploration video, which immediately implements the tools you learn both in the vocal health portion (Preserve & Protect) and the dynamic speaking and performance portion (Enhance).  

Completing the Concept Explorations are entirely up to you, as we will not be collecting or asking you to submit anything during or at the end of the course.

However, the most impactful way to grow and improve is to start. For maximum value, we strongly recommend completing all Concept Exploration exercises at home and/or during the classes you teach while taking the course. Plan to carve out 30 minutes to an hour per week outside of the time you spend watching videos, for this practical self-exploration and growth. 

Will I receive continuing education credits (CECs) for my group fitness or personal training certification?

We are happy to assist with any information needed to petition your certifying agency for CECs.

How many weeks is the course and how many hours of video will I be watching?

PEP - Premium is a 3-week, self-paced online course. This is to ensure you can immediately implement both vocal performance training and vocal health training into your daily life and in your classes as you are enrolled in the course. 

You may watch videos anytime starting Monday morning when the current week’s modules are released.

Week one is approximately 40 minutes of videos.
Week two is approximately 54 minutes of videos.
Week three is approximately 37 minutes of videos.

There are also supplemental reading materials provided each week for your continued learning and reference, including a course cited sources page.

If you've enrolled in PEP - Classic (the same self-paced course, but without additional weekly group coaching) you may complete the course in as little or as much time as you’d like. 

I want additional support, so i'm enrolling in pep - premium. Do I need to attend each of the weekly Q&A video calls?

Each call will be recorded and the replay shared with you and your cohort. You will also have access to a private group chat, voice-note and text, with both us and your cohort for additional questions and support during the 3 weeks. 

Do you offer refunds for the course?

We do not offer refunds as all sales are final.  

do you offer a payment plan?

We do not offer a payment plan. 

I would rather take your course in-person.  Do you have any upcoming dates?

We would love to bring PEP to a gym or boutique studio for an in-person workshop. With travel and indoor capacity restrictions constantly in flux with the COVID-19 pandemic, it may or may not be possible at this time, depending on location. 

If you’re a studio owner and would like to host PEP in person, please drop us a message at, so we may see what is possible. If you’re a FitPro and would like to be kept informed of dates of PEP workshops, follow us on Instagram @pepforfitpros and sign up for our email list here.

I am a studio owner and I’d like to host a private pep course as continuing education for my team.  is that possible?

Yes! One big added benefit of a private cohort is that we collectively discuss your class formats and how to specifically apply the vocal homework for your instructor team with more tailored feedback. 

Please drop us a message at or schedule a 15 minute call here to see how we may work together to enrich and retain your team and continue to engage your community.

Will there be an assessment at the end of the Course?

At this time, there will not be an assessment. 

i am interested in taking your course, but I don’t work in the fitness industry.  Can I still do it?

Absolutely! Please know that we created PEP with Fitness Professionals in mind, and some of the homework and sections of the videos are specifically for FitPros. You are still welcome to join us as the course contains information, homework and exercises applicable to industries outside of fitness.

How many hours total will i be spending on the course?

The total time you will spend completing the course includes the time of the videos listed above, plus:

• 30-60 minutes per week for Concept Exploration activities
• PEP - Premium only: 3, 1-hour optional group coaching calls

This means you will spend between 6-10 hours total completing the course and implementing vocal strategies over 3 weeks. Exact hours will depend on you, your goals and if you have committed to the course option with additional support from us, as well as weekly group calls.


Absolutely! It is great that you’ve started addressing your vocal health, vocal performance and overall longevity in fitness by starting our course now. We’ll send you information to enroll in the next PEP - Premium cohort we run for additional support. We enroll one Premium cohort each quarter. 

PEp for fitpros

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