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It's true. 

Studies show that up to nearly 80% of group fitness instructors self-report symptoms or diagnoses of vocal problems, as opposed to 30% of the general population (Davis, 2020; Fontan et al., 2017;
Roy et al., 2005; Rumbach, 2013a). 

Did you know that vocal injury is more prevalent in fitness professionals than the general population?

This is a significant discrepancy and a problem within the fitness industry.

PEP For FitPros can help you avoid costly vocal injury and expand your vocal performance skills as a coach.

We've poured our combined thousands of hours of experience into a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind course to arm you with an essential, often overlooked tool: your voice.

Our expertise in teaching group fitness, performing on theatre stages, building fitness programs, mentoring instructors and studying the voice in the field of speech-language pathology will ensure you are turning heads with your healthy and dynamic voice.

We are pep for fitpros.

Learn more about founders Noël Nocciolo and Ashley FitzSimmons-Olsen, M.S., CCC-SLP here.

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Staying in the fitness business for many years to come starts with taking care of one of your most important instruments: 
Your Voice.

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Vocal injuries require treatment, which can include surgery or other medical interventions.

 Surgery can be scary, costly and is not guaranteed to fix the problem without extensive behavioral modifications and follow up care.

you cannot afford to ignore your vocal performance and vocal health if you want career longevity.

Losing your voice after teaching class...
Regularly experiencing hoarseness after teaching...
Struggling to project your voice without cracking and strain...

We don't want this to happen to you! 

These could be signs of an existing or impending vocal injury. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

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