Noël Nocciolo is a boutique fitness consultant, indoor cycling instructor, and co-founder of PEP For FitPros. Noël has led instructor training and business leadership events with group fitness professionals and boutique studio owners in 16 countries and counting, across the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia, both as a consultant and through her thought leadership platform, Boutique Fitness Talks. 

Noël’s work with PEP for FitPros pulls from her undergraduate degree from Fordham University in theater performance, many hours in vocal music lessons, and 15 years in New York City before traveling the world working with group fitness professionals and consulting boutique studio owners. 

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Ashley FitzSimmons-Olsen, M.S., CCC-SLP is a licensed, certified speech-language pathologist and co-founder of PEP For FitPros. She is passionate about helping professional voice users maintain their vocal health and strengthen their vocal delivery techniques to effectively engage a variety of audiences. 

Prior to earning a master’s degree in speech-language pathology, Ashley earned a bachelor’s degree in acting and worked professionally as an actor, singer, dancer, and theater and dance instructor. This knowledge and experience gives Ashley a unique perspective when coaching and educating professional voice users, allowing her to connect acting and singing techniques with the science of vocal production. Ashley has worked in a variety of settings as a speech-language pathologist treating communication disorders across the lifespan.  

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“I’ve traveled the world training group fitness instructors and taken classes everywhere I go.  I’ve truly heard it all; from voice damage to screaming on mics to incredible class programming taught vocally flat with zero simple performance tools. Voice work is in each of the instructor trainings I’m hired to do at boutique studios. YOU deserve performance education!”
- Noël

-Linda Tang, former rhythm cycling coach, current co-founder WeBarre Singapore & Hong Kong

“Noël has taught me everything I know about riding! She’s very passionate about what she does and I always learn a bundle when she’s in the room. She’s detailed, nurturing and very encouraging...I really do feel that transformation with all her coaching."